Weapon Fighting Simulator Script – Pastebin, Free Game Passes

Do you want Weapon Fighting Simulator Script? 

Find out below the latest WFS scripts. 

All of the scripts are uploaded recently. 

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Weapon Fighting Simulator Script – GUI

This script is created by kederal.

I did not find any features of the script.

Just inject and check how many features it has.

Follow kederal on GitHub for regular updates.

Weapon Fighting Simulator Script – Auto Farm Chests

Max is the creator of this script, and it has two highlighted features:

  1. Auto Farm Chests.
  2. Target the lowest health.

Max has no discord tag or server. 

Weapon Fighting Simulator Script – Free Game Passes

This one is rocking with its multiple features, that are:

  1. Free Game Passes.
  2. Auto Farm.
  3. Auto Boss.
  4. Auto-Open Eggs.
  5. And More.

Check out the official Github page of the maker.

Weapon Fighting Simulator Script [Auto Start Farm, Auto Collect Rewards, Anti Afk]

Zaradox is the creator of this script, and it holds the following features:

  1. Auto Farm
  2. Free Game Passes.
  3. Auto walk speed.
  4. Auto Jump Power.
  5. Anti AFK.

Get Regular Updates on Github.

How To Use Script In Weapon Fighting Simulator?

Follow the instructions given below:

  1. Get a free exploiter (You can use Synapse XKrnlLua (Recommended), FluxusJJ SploitVega X exploit, and Sentinel.
  2. Copy one of the script from the above list.
  3. Paste it into the executor.
  4. Hit inject/execute.
  5. Enjoy.


Currently, These are the only working Weapon Fighting Simulator Scripts.

I’ve visited more than ten websites and some Youtube videos. 

Everyone has the same script. So, I made an accurate and latest scripts list that work in the Game.

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Note: All the scripts is given on this website, use it in roblox studio mode for testing only, do not use it inside the game. Otherwise, you're responsible for any problem.

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