5 Clicker Simulator Script – GUI, V3million, Pastebin

Clicker simulator got an update recently known as Update 7.

I’m gonna give you the most delinquent Clicker simulator scripts that work with this update.

I’ve removed those scripts that are not working anymore.

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Clicker Simulator Script – GUI

Tbitw is the creator of this script.

This script is astonishing and offers OP features that are:

  • Auto Click
  • Auto Rebirth
  • Auto Unlock/Game passes
  • Auto Claim Achievements and CHESTS
  • And more.

Hit tbitw#0721 on discord for regular updates.

Clicker Simulator Script – V3million

You can find so many scripts on v3million, and the Script is made by CollateralDamage#2848 & Quantum#0005 & Trustsense#8185 & Alphy#9630.

  1. Auto Click
  2. Auto Claim
  3. Auto Collect Chests
  4. Auto Spin
  5. Auto Buy Jumps
  6. Auto Buy Rebirths pass and button
  7. Auto Unlock everything
  8. And more.

Join their Discord server for regular updates.

Clicker Simulator Script – Auto Clicker, Rebirth, and Buy

Created by clunky and he mentioned the following features:-


I haven’t found any support page of the developer.

Clicker Simulator Script – Auto Shiny

Name4You is the creator of this script and has multiple features.

The highlighted feature is that it will make the pets shine.

Again, I didn’t find any social profile of the developer.

Clicker Simulator Script – Pastebin

Kederal is the developer of this script. It has three main features that are  AutoTap, AutoBoss, AutoUpgrade.

The developer has no social profile.

How To Execute The Script?

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Copy the script.
  2. Paste it into your exploiter.
  3. Click inject/execute.
  4. Enjoy.

You need an exploiter to inject the script. You can use  KrnlJJ SploitSynapse XLua (Recommended), Fluxus, and Sentinel.

The Takeway

Currently, These are only Clicker simulator scripts that are working.

I’ll replace the scripts when the new launches.

Comment below if you face any problems regarding the game.

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Note: All the scripts is given on this website, use it in roblox studio mode for testing only, do not use it inside the game. Otherwise, you're responsible for any problem.

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