Bubble Gum Simulator Script – GUI, V3million, Strelitzia

Were you looking for Bubble Gum Simulator Script?

I’ve found multiple scripts(more than 7) on the web.

So many old scripts, but I’ve extracted all the latest ones from it.

Find out below the latest tuple of it.

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Bubble Gum Simulator Script – GUI

Ghostapustaja is the creator of this script. 

I do not found what features of this script. It’s better to inject the script and find out what it has. 

Check out his Github profile for regular updates.

Bubble Gum Simulator Script – GUI (Kirbyware)

This one is the patched script. 

It has the following features:

  • Unlock All Islands
  •  Over
  •  World Teleports
  •  Auto-Open Egg
  •  Auto Redeem Daily Rewards
  •  Auto Claim Chest Rewards
  •  Auto Spin Wheel & more!

Hit derek#6168 on Discord for more information.

Bubble Gum Simulator Script – V3million

Brio is the creator of this script.

He hasn’t given any information about his script. 

Bubble Gum Simulator Script – Strelitzia 

Strelitzia is the creator of this script, but Ayano posted this script on v3million.net.

The only feature mentioned in the script was auto player and auto farm


Ayano#0002 his Discord tag. DM him for the latest update.

Bubble Gum Simulator [Auto Farm, Auto Sell, Auto Eggs]

ZaRdoOx is the maker of this script and holds the following features:

  • Auto Bubbles
  • inflate gum
  • Auto Sell
  • Auto Eggs

It’s an undetected script.

I don’t find any social profile of the developer.

Bubble Gum Simulator Script – Pastebin

There are two scripts available on Pastebin. 

Holding the next features:

  • Auto farm
  • Bubble
  • Auto Selling
  • Auto Hatch
  • 2x Lucky Hatching
  • 2x Speed Hatching
  • Remove Animation
  • Select Hatch Egg
  • Select Hatching Type
  • Unlock All Islands
  • Unlock 2x Walk speed
  • Unlock All Game passes

Sorry, I did not find any support page of the developer.

How To Execute The Script In Bubble Gum Simulator?

You need an exploiter that allows you to run the dev console in the game.

Use Synapse XKrnlLua (Recommended), FluxusJJ Sploit, and Sentinel.

Install any of them, and then open your game with the exploiter.

Copy the script, paste it into the executor, and inject. 


The Takeaway

These are all the latest Bubble gum scripts currently.

I’ll replace the script when the new one comes. 

Pitch me in the comment section if you face any problems.

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Note: All the scripts is given on this website, use it in roblox studio mode for testing only, do not use it inside the game. Otherwise, you're responsible for any problem.

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