7 New Anime Punching Simulator Script (March 2022)

I was searching for an Anime Punching simulator script

There are so many scripts I’ve found on the web.

I decided to create the latest database of scripts that works with the Anime Punching Simulator

Below are the latest Anime Punching simulator scripts.

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Anime Punching Simulator Script – GUI

This one is the most trending script among the latest updates from the APS.

 tbitw2549 is the creator of this script. 

It is also called Auras and holds the following features:

  1. Auto punch
  2. Auto train (must own world to select 2nd training area) 
  3. Auto rebirth (select amount depending on the position in rebirth list)
  4. Auto upgrade everything 
  5. Auto buys egg (must own the world where the egg is located)

I didn’t find any discord server of the developer.

Anime Punching Simulator – GUI 2

The developer of this script is Cheatersoul

The version of the script 1.1


  1. auto tap, 
  2. auto rebirth, 
  3. auto practice,
  4. auto open egg, 
  5. auto max elite, 
  6. buy upgrade,
  7. buy rank, 
  8. buy aura,
  9.  buy world

Browse the Contact us page.

Anime Punching Simulator Script – V3million

Slixx is the maker of this script. 



Slixx doesn’t have a discord. 

Anime Punching Simulator Script – Auto Farm, Auto Rebirth

Its developer is unknown. The features were mentioned on the page are:

  1. auto energy
  2. auto rebirth
  3. auto practice
  4. auto buy new worlds

Anime Punching Simulator Script – (Auto Tap, Auto Rebirth, Auto Buy & more)

The developer of this script is UZU

It has multiple features such as Auto tap, rebirth, buy, etc.

I didn’t find any discord server of the developer. I shall add the link soon when it gets discovered.

Anime Punching Simulator Script – Pastebin Auto Farm

There are two scripts I found on Pastebin.

But I didn’t find who’s the developer of these scripts. 

So I am only adding the scripts below:


Since the developer is unknown support page must be unrecognised.

How To Inject The Script In APS?

The simple and easy ways to execute the script in the Anime punching simulator are: 

  1. Use an exploiter ( like KrnlJJ SploitSynapse XLua (Recommended), Fluxus, and Sentinel.
  2. Copy the script.
  3. Paste it into your app.
  4. Hit inject/execute.
  5. Enjoy.

The Takeaway

That’s all I got that is related to APS Scripts.

I hope you find this article helpful.

I’ll update these scripts with new ones when an exclusive one appears.

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Note: All the scripts is given on this website, use it in roblox studio mode for testing only, do not use it inside the game. Otherwise, you're responsible for any problem.

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