13 Ways To Get Mythic Egg In Bee Swarm Simulator [Updated]

Do you want to get mythic egg in Bee swarm simulator for free? 

Yes? Don’t worry, I’m going to show how you can get Mythic eggs for free in BSS.

After sieving the web, I didn’t find any code to get mythic egg in Bee Swarm Simulator for free.

But I’ve found 13 ways that can give you mythic eggs.

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What Is Mythic Egg?

It is a rare egg that can only be hatched into a Mythic bee. 

Players cannot obtain any other type of bee besides a Mythic bee.

One of the variants of this egg is a ‘Gifted Mythic Egg’, which offers the exact probabilities as the main one offers. 

But, It only hatches the bee into its gifted variant.

How To Get Mythic Egg In Bee Swarm Simulator?

There are currently 14 methods to get a mythic egg, Some are easier than others.

 1. Black Bear Quests

You have to complete the black bear quests 75 times, You’ll receive a mythic egg for free.

The Quest isn’t that hard, It just takes a while to complete.

2. Brown Bear Quests

On the completion of his 200th, 300th, and 400th Quests, you’ll get a mythic egg. 

Note: The Quest will get Harder the more times you complete it. 

It’s hard to complete but isn’t impossible.

3. Commando Chick

If you defeat the command chick boos 50 times, You’ll get a guaranteed mythic egg.

It will only take a while to complete this task. If you kill the chick boos 5times a day, You’ll Easily get a mythic egg within 10days.

4. Stump Snail

You have to kill the Snail, and rarely you’ll get a Mythic egg.

Note: There’s a very small chance to get a mythic egg after killing the Snail.

They are super rare but not impossible to get.

5. Mondo Chick

After killing the Mondo chick, There’s only a 1-2 per cent chance to get a mythic egg.

Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Give it a try, This will only take you some minutes. 

6. Coconut Grab

Again, there is a very small chance to get a mythic egg when it gets killed.

Note: If you’re a lucky Person, You can go with this method.

7. Level 35 Memory Match

On the LVL 35 of memory match, You can get a mythic egg but, There’s again a very small chance. Sorry.

Don’t worry, It’s your chance to try how lucky you are.

8. Stockings

It also has a smaller chance to get a mythic egg.

I recommend you not to go with this one except you’re Lucky.

9. Buy From Robux and Snowflakes 

Go to Snowflakes shop, Costs you 500 snowflakes and 100 Gingerbread Bears.

You can also buy them from the Robux shop, Costs you 1200 Robux. 

But that’s a RIP-Off IMO.

My recommendation is to Consider the first one.

10. Winter Memory Match

It has a rare chance to spawn a mythic egg. 

You can give this a try also.

11. Mythic Meteor Showers

Meteor showers have a small to spawn a mythic egg. 

One of the players got a star jelly while playing.

Go for it.

12. Festive Planters 

When harvesting a festive planter, There is a very small chance for a mythic egg to spawn. 

It’s upon your luck. 

13. Mythic Gift Box 

After completing 12 Beesmas quests (excluding bee bears), For different bears.

Open the Mythic gift box, You’ll get a mythic egg.

Methods that are no longer possible

  1. Purchasing specific expired packs From the Robux Shop, such as Mythic Pack, Jumbo June Pack, Black Friday Bundle, Merry Mythic Pack, Cyber Monday Deal.
  2. From ‘Mythic Present‘ award.
  3. From ‘Mondo Present’ award.
  4. From Bee Bear’s Catalog.
  5. Purple Gift Box.
  6. Mondo Gift Box 
  7. Honey day Mega-Haul Pack

These are the methods that are no longer working to get mythic egg in bee swarm simulator for free.


  1. Can you get a mythic bee from a star egg?

    Yes, You will get a gifted mythic bee.

  2. What are the chances of getting a mythic Bee from Royal Jelly?

    It has a 70% chance of being rare, 27% epic, and 0.004% legendary.

  3. What are the chances of getting a Mythic bee from a diamond egg?

    It has only a 5% chance to hatch a mythic bee.

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