Rebirth Champions X Codes – Roblox – (April 2022)

There are so many Rebirth Champions X Codes on the web. 

But are they still active? 

Find out below the latest Roblox Rebirth Champions X Codes.

Powerful Studio is rocking with 33k+ likes, 6k+ Active players, 47k+ favourites, eleven badges, twelve passes, and more than 8.7M+ visits as of March 9 2022.

The game is still in the most engaging section on Roblox.

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Rebirth Champions X Codes (Active)

Note: Click on the code to copy it.

Update: Many New codes Added.

nuclearRedeem for a 2x Rebirths Boost (New)
thanksfor50k2x Luck Boost (New)
void2x Luck Boost (New)
heaven2x Luck Boost
10mthanks 2x Luck Boost
freeluckboost2x Luck Boost
wow10klikesthanks 2x Luck Boost
5klikesthanksClick Boost
RELEASE1k Clicks
already1500likesClick Boost
freeclicksomgClick Boost
moonClick Boost
thanks500likesClick Boost
wow2500likesClick Boost
wow30000Free Boost

How To Redeem Codes In Rebirth Champions X?

  1. Open the game on your PC/Mobile.
  2. Click on the Shop icon on the left.
  3. Hit the Twitter icon on the right.
  4. Type your code.
  5. Hit Redeem.
  6. Enjoy.
How To Redeem Rebirth Champions X codes in roblox?
Redeeming codes in rebirth champions x, Screenshot, Feb 22

Where Do I Get More Codes For Rebirth Champions X?

The possible outcomes which I’ve found are:

  1. Game Description.
  2. Official group.
  3. @Powerful studio.
  4. Community Discord Server.

These are all the possible ways where you can get codes for RCX.

Rebirth Champions X Codes Wiki

Unfortunately, there is no official wiki has created for this game. 

I’ll add the link when it gets created.

Final Words

So, I’ve covered everything related to Rebirth Champions X Codes

If I missed something, pitch me up in the comments section. 

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