Mighty Omega Codes – Roblox – (April 2022)

[Trials of 200] Mighty Omega is currently the most engaging game on Roblox. We’re going to give you the codes that recently launched.

Roblox Mighty Omega codes will give you in-game stuff for free.

The game was made by Kengun Omega, based on their previous game and a manga, released on 9 April 2020 and lastly updated on 28 Feb 2022. It has more than 700+ players, 66k+ favourites, and has more than 10M+ visits currently.

The server size of the game is 30 and have 15k+ likes.

It has three passes that are Custom Skill Name (costs 220 Robux), Fast Recovery (costs 650 Robux), Private Arena (costs 300 Robux).

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Roblox Mighty Omega Codes 2022 (Active)

After searching the whole internet, I’ve come across many sites, but I didn’t find any working codes that will work. 

I’m sorry, there are no working codes for Mighty Omega.

Just stick with us, and we shall add the new codes when they come.

Mighty Omega Private Server Codes 

This game has no private servers, and to assure you, You can check on the main page of the game in the server section.

How Do I Redeem Codes In Mighty Omega?

Since there are no Mighty Omega Codes, There is no need to know the redeeming process. 

Ways To Get More Mighty Omega Codes.

The possible ways which I found on the web are:-

  1. The official Discord server.
  2. Official wiki.
  3. Developer Social handles.
  4. Game Description.

Mighty Omega Wiki

The Mighty Omega Trello Info Members are Dawnvb (dawnistoofancy), Mighty street (mightystreet), RokuXII (rokuxii), zersama (zersama,) Zok (zokrilron).  

This wiki site covers all about the game, Such as Basics, Clans, Training and Stats, Styles, Cosmetics, Maps, Shops, and more. 

Currently, The site has some bugs, So they have shifted everything to their Discord server. You may get additional gifts after joining the discord server.


  1. Where can I see the map of mighty omega?

  2. Which is the best fighting style in the game?

    Muay Thai, Sumo, and Capoeira are the best fighting styles in the game.

  3. What is the sumo style system requirements?

    45 Upper body muscle
    45 Lower body muscle
    35 Fat
    100 Dura

  4. How many clans does mighty omega have?

    12 and that are Ohn, Kore, Mikazuchi, Reinhold, Yolotall, Prime, Yamaguchi, Sen, Sasagawa, Hura, We [Spec Clan], and Hanma [Spec Clan]. Check the Clan rates on their wiki.

Game Description

Based on our previous game and a manga

Basic Controls:
Double tap W to run 
While running pressing 'R' will toggle between jog/sprinting
Q for Dash
Holding F with combat tool for Block
F + LMB for perfect block on guard break move
F + RMB for counter on any hit
LMB for attacking
RMB for Guard break

Scripter: IncredibleAyum
Builders: streetjess, MisterA
Animator: dodorider
ModelIers: MoltenPrime

Contributors: Tacomura, lncredibleJuIes

Last Words

We’ve covered all the things are related to the Mighty Omega Codes.

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