King Legacy Codes – Roblox – (April 2022) – Free Gems

Do you want beli, Gems, and stat resets in King Legacy?

Our latest King Legacy Codes allows you to get them for free.

Smash the monsters with 36 in-game physical fruits and conqueror abilities. 

Venture Lagoons had launched the seventeenth part from update 3rd, which includes spawning fruits in the map every 1-2hrs and despawn every 15minutes. 

It is inspired by the anime One piece and Grand piece online is a similar game to this one.

You’ll find all the KL codes below.

Roblox King Legacy Codes – Active (Cash, Gems, and belies)

Note: Click on the code to copy it.

All codes are expired now. I’ll add new codes soon when it appears on the web.

How To Claim Codes In King Legacy?

  1. Open the game.
  2. Click on the cog icon below the HP bar.
  3. Paste your code in the box.
  4. Enjoy.
How To Redeem King Legacy Codes?
Redeem Code box in King legacy, Screenshot, March 2022

Ways To Get More Codes For King Legacy

  1. Game Description.
  2. Discord ServerServer 2.
  3. Official Wiki.
  4. Roblox Group.

King Legacy Codes Wiki, Fandom?

Kl has an unofficial wiki and isn’t associated with the official developers.

The codes page is not updated, the last codes are from update 2 on the page.

But still, the wiki is helpful and covers many things like maps, fruits, swords, fighting styles, haki, bosses, etc.

The game has 652k+ likes, 21.3k+ active players, 1.2M+ favs, Ten-game passes, and more than 1.2B+ visits as of March 16, 2022, on Roblox.

Game Description

Join Dis for more code

Level Cap: 3300
There are 36 Physical Fruits In-Game

- Fruits spawn on the map every 1 - 2 Hours / Despawn 15 Minutes.
- First Time you join the game you have 0.1% to get free Conqueror Ability

Cr Clothing: Blotnik

The Takeaway

Use all these King Legacy Codes as soon as possible, Cause they can expire at any moment.

The current cap level in the game is 3300, and here’s a fun fact about the game.

King Legacy was originally called King Piece, but the name was changed later on due to copyright

Enjoy freebies with our KL codes.

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