Blox Fruits Codes Update 17- Roblox – (April 2022)

Gamer Robot introduced new awakening, islands, boss raids, weapons, and more fun in Blox Fruit.

Do you want free money, devil fruits, double exp, and dragon fruits for free?

Our latest Blox Fruits Codes will allow you to get them all for completely free.

These Roblox BF codes are from Update 14, 15, 16, and 17.

It is a similar game to Factory Simulator.

Roblox Blox Fruits Codes – Active (Free Money and Experiences)

Note: Click on the code to copy it.

Update 31st March 2022: Six new codes added.

Enyu_is_Pro20 minutes of 2x XP (!NEW)
Magicbus 20 minutes of 2x XP (!NEW)
Sub2Fer99920 minutes of 2x XP (!NEW)
Starcodeheo20 minutes of 2x XP (!NEW)
JCWK20 minutes of 2x XP (!NEW)
KittGaming20 minutes of 2x XP (!NEW)
3BVISITS30 Minutes of 2x experience
Axiore20 minutes of 2x experience
Bignewsin-game title
SUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP130 minutes of 2x experience
StrawHatMaine15 minutes of 2x experience
Sub2Daigrock15 minutes of 2x experience
Sub2NoobMaster12315 minutes of 2x experience
Sub2OfficialNoobie20 minutes of 2x experience
Sub2UncleKizarustat refund
TantaiGaming15 minutes of 2x experience
TheGreatAce20 minutes of 2x experience
UPD1620 minutes of 2x experience

How To Redeem Codes In Blox Fruits?

  1. Open your game and choose a side.
  2. Click on the Twitter Bird icon on the ride side of the screen.
  3. Copy all Blox fruits codes from the above list and paste them into the box.
  4. Enjoy.
How To Redeem Blox Fruits Codes?
Redeem Code box in Blox Fruit, Screenshot, March 2022

How Do I Get More Codes For Blox Fruits?

There are some possible ways to get códigos de Blox fruits.

  1. Official Roblox Group.
  2. Game Description.
  3. @Blox_Fruits.
  4. Discord Server.
  5. Official Wiki.

Blox Fruits Wiki

Baguetteboing and  Starfizzle1 are the main admins of the official wiki.

You’ll find all the guides, updates, rules, and codes in the wiki. 

The game is popular among Roblox with 1M+ likes, 190.9k+ Active players, 3M+ favs, two badges, Six game passes, and more than 4.3B+ visits as of March 15 2022.

Game Description

🔥 🔵 UPDATE 17 Part 2 OUT NOW 
New awakening, new island, new boss raid, new weapon, and LOTS MORE! 

Welcome to Blox Fruits! Become a master swordsman or a powerful blox fruit user as you train to become the strongest player to ever live. You can choose to fight against tough enemies or have powerful boss battles while sailing across the ocean to find hidden secrets. 

Current level cap: 2300
Current fruits in the game:
Bomb, Spike, Chop, Spring, Kilo, Smoke, Spin, Flame, Falcon, Ice, Sand, Dark, Revive, Diamond, Light, Love, Magma, Door, Rubber, Quake, Human Buddha, Barrier, String, Bird Phoenix, Rumble, Paw, Gravity, Dough, Shadow, Venom, Control, Soul, and Dragon.

- Fruits spawn in the map every hour / despawn after 20. 
- You can buy fruits from the Blox Fruits Dealer. He restocks random fruits every 4 hours 
- More info in the group description

Do not exploit or auto farm, our auto-detection will catch you and we do not appeal our bans.

The Takeaway

Become the best swordsman with our Blox fruits Codes, train your character, fight against backbreaking enemies and bosses with the hidden secrets in the ocean of the sea to ever live.

2300 is the current cap level and multiple fruits available in the game.

Kindly not use any exploits in the game.

Enjoy free cash, fruits, experiences, and stat resets.

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