Anime Punching Simulator Codes – Roblox – (April 2022)

A brand new game that launched on Roblox has millions of visits.

Yes, I’m Talking about the Anime Punching simulatorAnd,

Today I’m going to give you the latest Anime Punching Simulator Codes that are working.

Anime Punching Simulator is a similar game to Pet Simulator, but it has lots more interesting like Quests and missions.

Just Games is the creator of this game and updates it every week.

As of now, It Holds 14k+ Active players, 180K+ Favourites, 125k+ Likes, 11 badges, and more than 57.6M+ Visits as of March 9 2022. 

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How To Get Elixir In Anime Punching Simulator? 

Everyone wants to increase their elixir very fast in the game, but do you know? You can get +414B elixirs per punch. 

Don’t worry, let me help you with the secret trick that I’ve found after sieving the web.

First, Open your game, click on the Instant Travel button, and travel to Clover Island

Go to the New Training Area under the green tree, which will give you a +1.5B elixir per punch.

Note: You need 1sx rebirth, and this will allow you to get +39B elixirs per punch.

Alright, guys, The most crucial part, How you can get +414B elixir per punch?

Worrying? Just Travel to Fairy Island-> Elixir Training Area, and Tap the improves button. 

You’ve to buy x2 Elixir Training (Costs you only 10B elixir) perk and upgrade it to the max (275/275).

Note: These upgrades won’t work with the 500B elixir.

The last step is, Go back to the Clover Island-> Elixir Training Area. Now you’ll get +414B elixir per punch. 

This method will allow you to get elixir fast in the game.

Now, Let’s go and find out the latest Codes for Anime Punching Simulator.

Roblox Anime Punching Simulator Codes (Active)

Note: Click on the code to copy it.

Update: 13 New codes added.

65MVISITSRedeem for a 2x Practice Boost (New)
140KLIKES2x Practice Boost (New)
200KFAVS2x Energy Boost (New)
60MVISITS2x Practice Boost
<190KFAVS2x Energy Boost
130KLIKES2x Practice Boost
55MVISITS2x Energy Boost
50MVISITS2x Practice Boost
10KLIKEStwo energy boosts
10MVISITSfree boost
14MVISITSfree boost
15KLIKESfree boost
16MVISITStwo energy boosts
1KLIKEStwo energy boosts
1MVISITSfree reward
20MVISITSfree boosts
250KVISITStwo energy boosts
25KLIKESfree boost
2MVISITSfree boost
30KLIKESfree boost
35KLIKESfree boost
40KLIKESfree boost
45KLIKEStwo energy boosts
4MVISITSfree bost
500KVISITStwo energy boosts
50KFAVSfree boost
50KLIKESfree boosts
55KLIKESfree boosts
75KLIKESenergy boost
80KLIKESpractice boost
90KLIKESpractice boos
100KLIKESpractice boost
5KLIKESfree reward
70KFAVStwo practice boosts
80KFAVSfree boosts
110KFAVSenergy boost
130KFAVSpractice boost
80KVISITStwo practice boosts
8MVISITSfree boost
CLOVERenergy boost
Dreamzinhofree boosts
FAIRYenergy boost
GonGonLindao1250 energy
HEROfree boost
HUNTERtwo practice boosts
JAKEPUDDING energy boost
JOHNSVENenergy boost
KINGISAQTenergy boost
MASTERfree energy
MEQUISgem boosts
RELEASE250 energy
TigreTvtwo energy boosts
TAVIOZERApractice boost
tigretvgemstwo gem boosts
SAOpractice boosts

How To Redeem Codes In Anime Punching Simulator?

  1. Open the Game.
  2. On the left-hand side, hit the Chat icon.
  3. Type your code and hit redeem.
  4. Enjoy the rewards.
Anime punching simulator codes
Anime Punching simulator codes, Redeem Area, Screenshot Feb 2022

How To Get More Anime Punching Simulator Codes?

There are so many ways where you can get codes for the APS.

  1. Game Description.
  2. Developer Roblox Group.
  3. @AtanHeroX
  4. @AnimePunchJG
  5. @Bannn_17 

Anime Punching Simulator Codes Wiki

Since It is the latest game on Roblox, I did not find any official wiki of APS

I’ll add the official wiki link when it gets created.  

Game Description

Welcome to Anime Punching Simulator! 
👍New Code at 100k Likes👍
⌛ Use Code "Release" for 250 Energy!
⌛ Use Code "70KLIKES" for Free Boost!

⚡Click to gain energy  ⚡
🔄 Rebirth to earn gems🔄
👊 Buy heroes with gems to become powerful! 👊

📋 Updates every week!

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Made by @AtanHero 
Anime Characters By @Bannn_17 


  1. Where is the secret Key In the Anime Punch simulator?

    In the Jejo Island.

  2. When the official wiki will launch?

    I don’t know but when it gets launched I’ll post the link here.

Final Words

That’s all I got that is related to Anime Punching Simulator Codes

Don’t forget to commend below if you face any issue related to the game.

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I’ll see you in the next post.

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