Anime Fighters Simulator Codes – Roblox- (April 2022)

The second most trending game in Roblox is Anime Fighters Simulator, with 39k+ active players.

I search the web and extracts all the working Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator codes.

These codes work fine with the 22nd update of the game.

Created on 25 Jan 21, last updated on 7 March 22, and Sulley made this game. 

It has 785k+ likes, 1.2M favourites, and has 704M+ Visits as of March 9 2022.

It holds 15 Passes and multiple badges. This game has no private servers.

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Can You Trade In Anime Fighters Simulator?

The direct answer is Yes. I’ve found a Trade page where you can trade items. 

You have to comment on the page with your Roblox username, From which class you’re in, which champions you’re trading, and what do you want (this one is optional).

Scamming and Cross-Trading is prohibited. You’re not allowed to beg champions and Fighting Pass champions are no longer for trade.

Browse the Demand table and Cross Board to trade in the Anime fighters simulator.

Anime Fighters Simulator Codes (Active)

Note: Click on the code to Copy it.

Update: One new code added.

TheHoleFree rewards
IceWastes (!New)Merchant boosts
700klikes (!New)Free rewards
KingdomFour Free rewards
sulley1mluck and damage boosts
(must join the Sulley Group)
700klikesFree boosts
DivineColosseumFree boosts
SlimeyIslandFree boosts
1MilFavesFree boosts
thanks600kFree boosts
cyclxneeYen Boost
FlameCity Free fruits and boosts
2k22Free boosts and a defence token
Christmasfree boosts and Christmas shards
otrademarkfree divine fruit
HalfBillionfree items

How Do I Redeem Codes In Anime Fighters Simulator?

  1. Start the Game.
  2. Hit the Twitter icon on the left side of the screen.
  3. Tap on ‘Enter code’ box.
  4. Type your Code.
  5. Click on Confirm.
  6. Success.
Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator codes redemption area

What Are The Ways To Get More AFS Codes?

The possible outcomes that I’ve found on the internet are the Game Description, Discord serverDeveloper Twitter, and Official wiki.


  1. What does the no-limit game pass do in the Anime fighting simulator?

    It will remove the multiplier limit for each stat from the player. Get it on Rolimons.

  2. How do you get more luck in anime fighters simulator?

    I’ve found a video on Youtube named How to increase your luck for free.

Game Description

Welcome to Anime Fighters!
📢New code at 800k Likes!
Thanks for 700k likes! Use codes "700klikes"

🗺️ Explore, and be the first to discover a secret fighter!
👊 Collect and train the strongest fighters!
🌲 Discover new worlds, with new fighters in each one!
✨ The possibilities are endless!

🎁 Latest Update:
- New Island: Icy Wastes
- 13 New Fighters!
- Meteor showers happen randomly!
- New Metal Star in Alchemy Island!
- New Talent system for all fighters!
- Check talents with the Appraiser in Fruits Island!
- Buffed drops in all worlds!
- Bug fixes + balance changes + improvements


I’ve mentioned all the Roblox Anime fighters simulator codes that are working in the game.

I hope that you’ve found this post helpful. Share it with your friends and families.

Feel Free to comment below if you find any problem with the codes.

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I’ll see you in the next post.

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