Anime Dimensions Codes – Roblox – (April 2022)

After the 20th update in the game received essential changes, multiple Anime Dimensions Codes have released.

About eight codes had released during this update.

Check them below.

Roblox Anime Dimensions Codes – Active

Note: Click on the code to copy it.

Update: One new code.

840K84050 GEMS and 15 minutes of all Boosts
72050 Gems and 15 minutes of all Boosts
730KEK50 Gems and 15 minutes of all Boosts
740LULRedeem for 40 Gems and 15 minutes of all Boosts
76054321100 Gems and 15 minutes of all Boosts
770LUCKY100 Gems and 15 minutes of all Boosts
BOO710ST50 Gems and 15 minutes of all Boosts
CONTENTDELETED50 Gems and 15 minutes of all Boosts
PETS2free pet
PETSfree pet
SEVENHUNDREDYEET250 Coins and 30 minutes of all Boosts
UPDATE19100 Gems, 100 Raid Tokens, and 30 minutes of all Boosts

How To Redeem Codes in Anime Dimensions?

  1. Open your game.
  2. Choose your character.
  3. On the top-left, click on the Twitter bird icon.
  4. Type your code into the box.
  5. Hit Go.
  6. Enjoy.
How To Redeem Anime Dimensions codes?
Anime dimensions code redeem box, Screenshot, March 2022

How To Get More Codes For Anime Dimensions?

Game description@coolbullsAS@d5no_Official wikiRoblox Group, and the in-game table are the possible ways to get more codes for AD.

The upcoming code will release on 790k likes.

Anime Dimensions Wiki?

TopNakrothVN is a Bureaucrat in the official wiki. 

But the code section of the wiki isn’t updated yet. 

Albatross game is the official developer of the game with taking a position in the most engaging section with 786k+ likes, 8k+ Active players, 884k+ favs, Only one badge, two VIP passes, and more than 396.3M+ visits as of March 13 2022.

Game Description

📢New code at 790,000 likes!
Codes: SEVENHUNDREDYEET, 720, 730KEK, 740LUL, 750POGGER, 76054321, 770LUCKY, 7809

Check the in-game code table for the latest codes, go to a VIP server to redeem the latest codes.

🎮 UPDATE 20 🎮

Demon Lord Raid and Limited Characters/Costumes will be removed on March 21
🌌Fate Dimension Nightmare (Level 98+)

New Raid Pet Capsule - Find in Raid Shop
Contains 8 New Pets!

New Characters: Alturia Alter
New Costumes: Oni Princess, Akane, Alturia Alter (Casual)

Pet Costumes - Costumes can now be equipped on Pets!

20 Free Gems can be claimed daily from the Raid Shop
75% of a pet's experience is transferred if its used to upgrade another pet
Boosts for Liking and Favoriting the game
Extra Item Drop Gamepass
New Animations for Nilin, Brocolli

🎮Creator: @coolbullsAS
🔨Builder: @ d5no_

Final Words

Enjoy free gems, boosts, and tokens without Anime Dimensions Codes.

You can use Cards from Dimensions to power up your character.

Grand Piece online is also a similar game to the AD.

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