Anime Cross World Codes – Roblox – (May 2022)

Now Play this awesome RPG game with ten plus powers and over a hundred of the level cap in ACW.

Get free XPs, Astral coins, and Rolls with our latest Anime Cross World Codes. 

These codes can expire at any time, So make sure to redeem them ASAP. 

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Roblox Anime Cross World Codes 2022 (Active)

Note: Click on the code to copy it.

:code 8K—Redeem for 100 Astral Coins and 10 Rolls

How To Use Codes In Anime Cross World?

  1. Open the game on your PC or Mobile.
  2. On the top left corner, click on the Chatbox.
  3. Copy and paste your code into the box.
  4. Hit Enter.
  5. Enjoy.
How To Redeem Anime Cross World Codes
Redeem Code Chat Box In Anime Cross World, Screenshot, May 2022

How To Get More Codes For Anime Cross World?

You can get more codes from the Game description, Official wiki, Official Roblox Group, and Developer Social profiles @TheSeikirin and @xoVadez.

Bonus: If you don’t want any problems regarding ACW codes, You can simply bookmark us, and we’ll keep you updated.

Game Description

💫Bans Wiped; there were like a thousand bans in a couple of days so I'm doing this just in case. (I still doubt anyone got wrongfully banned)
• +10 more Powers added to the game
• Level cap increased to 100, unlocking the third reincarnation for a skill slot
+ more...

🌠 Default Controls
LMB: Punch
RMB: Kick
(Combo combinations are in the Skills menu)
E: Stance
R: Draw Weapon
F: Block
Double W/A/S/D: Dash

🌠 Anime Cross World is an open-world RPG that brings together many characters from your favorite anime! Mix and match a wide variety of skills, gear up with a plethora of weapons and accessories, complete quests, level up, destroy your enemies and challenge the world boss!


Final Words

In V1.4, the developer banned more than a thousand people, and they are in doubt that they have banned some people wrongfully.

Well, Enjoy freebies with our Roblox Anime Cross World Codes.

Use Them As soon as possible until they get expired.

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