All Star Tower Defense Codes – Roblox – (April 2022)

Fend off your enemies with units that have unique abilities. 

Collect exclusive things in the summon gate every hour.

Enjoy gifts with our latest All star tower defense codes. 

All astd codes are from the official wiki, Discord, and developer social media profiles.

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Get free gems, Exps, and gold below.

Roblox All Star Tower Defense Codes – Active (Free gems, money, and exps)

Note: Click on the code to copy it.

1mgroupmembers800 gems, 800 gold
-ASTDDevs500 gems, 500 gold, EXP IV
superwoop400 gems
themadao1000 gems, 750 gold, EXP IV

How To Redeem Codes In All Star Tower Defense?

códigos de all star tower defense can be redeemed by following the steps :

  1. Open the game.
  2. Click on the Cog(three-dots) icon in the bottom right.
  3. Paste all the Astd codes in the box.
  4. Hit Enter.
  5. Enjoy.
How To Redeem All Start Tower Defense Codes?
Redeem Code Box in All Start tower Defense, Screenshot, March 2022

How To Get More Codes For All Star Tower Defence?

  1. Game Description.
  2. Official Wiki.
  3. Roblox Group.
  4. Discord Server.

All Start Tower Defense Codes Wiki?

Yes, the game has an official wiki, but they are not associated with the developers as mentioned on their homepage.

All the pages in it are updated from time to time, and everything is covered in the wiki like units list, modes, events, hero summons, and tier lists.

The game has over 958k+ likes, 48.1k+ active players, 1.7M+ favs, one badge, three-game passes, and more than 3.4B+ visits as of March 16, 2022, on Roblox.

Game Description

⚔️Use your units to fend off waves of enemies
⚡Each Unit has Unique Cool Abilities
⬆️Upgrade your Troops During battle to unlock new attacks
⛩️Summon from the Gate and unlock New Units to use them in battles
🌀Team up with your friends to take on story mode or the infinity tower
🕒New things appear in the Summon Gate and Emote Shop every hour
Collect them all!

📝Join the Social Links to Gain Codes/Announcement/Updates
❤️Like the Game for More Codes!

🔨More updates upcoming!

Final Words

The list of All star tower defense codes  I gave above, Can be expired at any moment. Redeem them as quickly as possible.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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